Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last Minute Labor Day Party

We had a lat minute get together with some my family at our house today and it was so fun! We got to see my parents and my Grandma!! Amelia was a trooper and behaved very well even without an afternoon nap! Lots of yummy grilled food- which Mandy did a great job on! We figured out that our grill works too. Score! Eric is still working like crazy this weekend- I know that there will be two very happy girls (me and Amelia) when this trial craziness is OVER! Amelia and I also went to church today with my cousin Brent. Amelia even stayed in the nursery the whole time so I could enjoy church. Major bonus! Funniest part of church.... some random guy referred to Brent as my husband. It kind of made me laugh actually. Practice tomorrow and more work for Eric and then back to work on Tuesday!
Amelia before church. This is a baby Gap ad. Oops. It was just too cute not to buy!

Grandma Gladys, Lorelei, and Amelia

Lorelei helping me put Amelia to bed. Amelia had enough of this idea about 30 seconds into it. She is not a fan of anybody putting her to bed except her mommy.

Grandma Gladys and Lorelei. Grandma was so glad to see Lorelei!

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