Monday, October 18, 2010

Amelia's Birthday!!

"I think I just peed my pants" These words were coming out of my mouth almost exactly one year ago. The Bears were on Monday night football and Eric and I were laying in bed and watching it. I was still pretty sick with the flu and got up to simply walk to the bathroom. I sneezed and then suddenly I thought I was peeing my pants. Yea that my friends is the feeling of your water breaking. We started on this crazy train ride and here we are today..... with an ALMOST one year old.

She must have wanted to celebrate early because about 1 am this morning she was crying and ended up sleeping in bed with us :)

Her party was a success and we had lots of fun. It's so humbling to see all these people gathered in one room who love your baby. She was spoiled rotten and Eric and I actually ended up buying her a new toy box for her birthday. Her presents didn't fit in the baskets we used to have!!

Happy Birthday Amelia Bug!
Opening presents.... wearing the hat from us. A little small.
Lots of helpers
Cake from Aunt E.B.
My mom made this cake. We let Amelia eat this one. She was very impressed!

Lorelei watching Amelia eat her cake
Preston and Scott looking on from the crows nest
Now she likes it!

Cautious at first....

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