Sunday, October 24, 2010

The past week has really felt like a marathon. Amelia turned 1 on Tuesday. It was a crazy feeling for me. She is already 1!!! So many people keep telling me that it only get crazier and I'm sure it does. It's just that this year has been filled with so many ups and downs for us and it's hard to believe it is over! I'm really excited though. She gets more fun every day and her personality is starting to show through.

Eric also had to go out of town for another trial. I realize how much I need him when he leaves me! The good news is that they don't have any trials on the calendar for a long time. Not that their regular work days are any shorter, but at least he'll be home at night!

I also had my last volleyball game for the season. It's kind of been a crazy year with volleyball, but I had so much fun with the girls. They are such good people and I know that they are going to be successful. The girls made Amelia cupcakes for her birthday on Tuesday. It was so sweet of them and Eric and I really appreciated it.

This weekend we had the Race for the Cure, my dad came down to visit and then Claire's birthday today. Amelia slept horribly last night and I'm hoping that tonight goes much better! I have plans to get up and be at the YMCA at 5:15 tomorrow to work out with Lindsey. Should be interesting considering how out of shape I am!

I know I have pictures to upload and more fun topics to blog about, but for now I'm going to zone out and watch the Vikings/Packers on Sunday night football. Speaking of football how bout those Cyclones??? Yee haw. Hook 'em horns :) Things didn't turn out so well for Eric's teams- Bears or Hawks. He seems to be recovering nicely though.

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