Monday, October 25, 2010


I think we are moving backwards in the sleep department. There was a time.... although I don't remember it, where Amelia slept all night. She'd lay down and fall asleep without much assistance and we wouldn't hear her until the next morning. Those days seem like they are a thing of the past. Now days she's up usually once a night crying. I'm thinking it's probably her teeth, but who can really tell? For now we are being bad and still giving her a bottle at night and putting her back to bed. I can usually rock her for a little bit or rub her back and she'll fall asleep too, but honestly at 3am I just want to go back to sleep. Immediately. I'm hoping it's just a phase, but it's been going on for about 5 months now so I have no idea. Whatever the story I really hope that she starts sleeping through the night again. That was really lovely while it lasted.


  1. Lily did that as well....she'll grow out of it. Until you have another one. :) Now Lily thinks she needs to get up in the middle of the night just to see Daddy. At least it's Daddy. :) But I think she's getting over that as well, now we are just up at 6am every day. I liked when she would sleep until at least 7 or 8. So much nicer!

  2. I was actually remembering last Christmas when you guys were home Reeb and you were telling me that Lily was getting up at night again. It made me think that it is probably just a phase. I just wish this phase would be over :) Can't wait to see you guys when you're home!!!!

  3. We had the same thing Amy!! Kamden was a CHAMP sleeper from 2 months on. Always to bed early and slept through the night so awesome. Between age 1 and 2 was the worst. He's a little better now but it still goes in spurts. Now it's more of a toddler struggle to get him to bed, and then STAY there all night!! GOOD LUCK :)