Thursday, November 11, 2010

Frustrated Incorporated...

Anybody know that song? It always gets stuck in my head whenever I hear it. Anyway, this house selling business is for the birds. I mean really. We had two showings this week.... which is great, but nothing ever comes of them. The agent who showed our house yesterday called and told our agent that she was disappointed in how clean our house was. I was sort of taken a back because Eric and I had spent a good amount of time the night before cleaning. Now I do admit it wasn't spotless, our house rarely is. It's just endlessly frustrating to me. I mean do these people realize that the pair of shoes in the entry way won't stay when we sell the house?? Or that the food still on Amelia's high chair is in fact able to be cleaned up. I really do want to sell our house, but it is so frustrating when it feels like we work hard to get something done and we are always told it's not enough. I can't think of one time when it has been good enough. Maybe we have low standards. I blame Eric :)

Amelia and I are home today. She slept really well last night but was already ready for a nap this morning. I think the cold is taking a lot out of her. I'm hoping she gets some rest today and then will start to feel better. Chasing her around to wipe her nose isn't exactly a fun time. A fun side note- she is walking so much more in the past few days. You can tell she is so proud of herself when she does it. It's so cute.

This video of Amelia cracked me up. Ignore my annoying voice :) I love the end where she just falls out of the picture. Cracks me up.

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