Thursday, December 30, 2010

I've learned

I have learned that if Amelia cries for longer than 15 minutes when we put her to bed there is something wrong. Tonight- problem #1 was crapping her pants. Literally 2 minutes after I changed her diaper and put her to bed. Problem #2- she got her leg stuck inside the crib slats. I went in to pick her up and pulled the whole crib towards me. I rocked her and laid her down again and she again started screaming bloody murder. So, Eric went in and got her and let her come back out to the living room where she proceeded to play for an hour as happy as can be. She started to get crabby around 10 so I just laid her down and she was asleep in less than 3 minutes. We have realized that we have to listen to Amelia and if something is out of the norm to not just let her "cry it out" for an insane amount of time. Especially because every night this week she has been asleep by 7:45 with lesson than 5 minutes of crying........ with NO bottles. It has definitely helped that she is clearly feeling much better. I took for granted before how happy Amelia usually is and I am so glad that Eric and I were home with her this week to be able to hang out with our happy child for the first time in awhile!
Eric reading Eli a book
Who can refuse this face??
Eli reading
Let us out!
Gotta love these two.

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  1. That last picture is adorable...they are both so funny :)