Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A nice change of pace

Things seem brighter around our house these days. After a very long few days/nights it seems that Amelia has turned the corner and was finally able to fight off the virus that has been bothering her for over a month. Christmas Eve and Christmas night were pretty long for Amelia and mommy. She ran a fever for most of the holiday so there was a lot of tylenol and motrin and crying. We got to Des Moines on Sunday afternoon and had Christmas with the Updegraffs. Amelia took a short nap and then woke up to open presents and then G'ma Lynne got her to take a 3 hour nap that night! It was much needed for sure. While she napped the girls went out to check out the Christmas clearance sales. We did find a few must haves :)

Amelia has pretty much slept all night since we've been home and has been a pretty good napper too. (knock on wood) The best thing of all though is that she has actually been HAPPY. We finally have our little girl back. It's been awhile for sure. You can see now how sick she has been. Eric is home on vacation this week with Amelia and I and it's been fun to just get to hang out. You can tell I actually had time to get something done because I had roast, potatoes, corn and carrots for dinner. Ready to eat at 5:00! That definitely doesn't happen on school days. Amelia will be home with us the rest of this week and then probably back at Maria's next week. (yep I still have a whole week after this one :) I have a stack of papers to grade and I also need to get my 2nd qtr grades done before break is over. I also have to clean the house and find a place to put all these Christmas gifts!

I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas. Even with Amelia being sick we had a really good time visiting our families. I wish we did that more often! We definitely missed Uncle Kelly and Aunt Jennifer this year! I'm glad they got to spend time with Jennifer's family though! Hopefully we'll get to see them soon.

I'm excited to start 2011. I think it's going to be a great year! Weddings, Las Vegas (for Mommy) showers and Amelia turning 2 :) I can't wait!!!

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