Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

It's been a long 24+ hours. Actually it's been a long December (who's singing the song now?? Couting Crows... you know the one. I know I am) Maria called yesterday and said Amelia had a temp. Pretty low grade, but I was worried because of her constant ear infections. So off to the Dr. we went. We did get some good news there though, her ears looked good! Praise God!! They were concerned though because it was pretty clear that she had gotten a new virus while on an antibiotic. (which also gave her some pretty bad diapers and a horrible diaper rash.) So, they gave us another antibiotic to take when the current one is done to hopefully ward off another ear infection.

Fast forward to last night. Amelia went to bed at 6:30 and I followed pretty shortly after that at 8:30. She was up a few times and finally ended up sleeping in bed with us. Around 2:00 am or so I realized she was really warm so I took her temp. Yea 102.7. What? My child seriously rarely runs a temp so this did alarm us a little bit. We went off and on with tylenol/motrin for the next few hours and then called the Dr. They wanted us to come back in so off we went. Still good news on the ears. Virus of some sort has taken over. Luckily it seems (knock on wood) that she may have broken the fever. She hasn't run a temp since about 3:00 today so we're hoping and praying to have a healthy kiddo for Christmas!!!

I know I won't have time to post a blog tomorrow or Saturday so I wanted to say Merry Christmas to you all. I keep thinking back to Christmas last year and how different it is with Amelia now. Eric and I have been so excited to watch her open her presents and be with family and we can't wait for Santa to come :) I know Amelia and cousin Eli are going to have such a blast with one another this weekend. A little snow won't stop us..... at least I hope not.

Amelia broke Peyton Manning's arm off.... I hope he can finish out the season!
Lindsey and baby Finley at the toy party
Opening an early Christmas present
Our little angel

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