Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I have been so tired lately. Like the kind of tired that just makes you drag yourself around for most of the day. I don't honestly remember the last time I was so tired..... probably when Amelia was a newborn. At least at that point I could just nap all day long when she did :) Needless to say we're in a bit of a sleep slump right now. I'm not sure what the deal is. She was doing pretty good w/out bottles and I was able to get her back to sleep pretty easily if she woke at night. Then she got an ear infection and we went on three all night crying benders. That was not so fun. Now we're just having all sorts of issues in the sleep department. I honestly think she's going through an attachment phase with me. At least I'm hoping it's just a phase. I know I can't make it much longer on this limited sleep. The bright shining spot on the horizon...... CHRISTMAS BREAK. And then this girl gets to start a beautiful thing called 4 day weeks. NO Monday school. As you can see I'm just a tad excited.

For the time being I'll just say that bottles have made a reappearance in the Updegraff household. Yep. I caved. I'm guessing you would too at 3 a.m. after two hours of sleep. Or maybe not, but I did :)

Reading books
She will finally leave this hat on long enough to take a picture!
Getting a lift from Daddy
She has figured out how to move the ouch cushions and hide behind them.

She loved that oreo!
How can you not love these pj's?
My pretty little baby
The new game is to play in the cupboards and drag out everything..... good times
Daddy's little Bears fan!

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