Sunday, January 30, 2011


Well apparently I have neglected the blog for quite some time now. My bad!! I really thought I had posted sometime between going back to school and now. Obviously I haven't!

Things are good at the Updegraff house. We've been staying healthy (knock on wood) and sleeping a lot better at night. (double knock on wood for sure) Amelia has been so much and is learning new things all the time. Her favorite new words right now are GO and Mama. Every time she says Mama I say "yes" and then she looks at me and shakes her head yes and laughs. Too funny. Go is a word that she and Daddy have perfected. I'm not sure where it came from, but she really does love to say it! Other words she has down Dada, NO, Wa-Wa aka Waddles (the name of her stuffed penguin) and Yoda- said Da Da by Amelia. She loved finding Yoda's picture in her Star Wars book and Eric brought her home a little stuffed Yoda and Chewbaca that she now sleeps with every night. There was a Darth Vader (ok, I don't know if that's VadEr or VadOr- just don't tell Eric if I've misspelled anything) but he wasn't really a favorite. Can't say I blame her. He's a little scary!

This weekend has been full of fun times. Friday night we stayed home and RESTED! Amelia was in bed before 8:30 and Eric and I were in bed asleep before 10. We were all exhausted. Saturday morning we got up and went to the hospital to visit baby Ellen!! Brent and Maria had their little girl and man is she beautiful. Lots of dark hair and cute little dimples. I forgot how darn small those babies are at first. I was impressed because Amelia didn't even throw a fit when I held the baby. She was more confused why her Maria was holding Ellen. I'm hoping that she is kind to Ellen.... I look forward to them growing up together. How fun will that be? Claire and Lorelei are awesome big sisters already!!

I also went to Mandy's yesterday for a Discovery Toy party. Thank you Mandy for hosting it for me!!! I'm really looking to get that business going so if you or anybody you know would be interested in hosting a party or becoming a consultant let me know :)

Today we went out for breakfast at Perkins... it's been a long time since we've done that. It was excellent. Amelia took a short nap and I took a long one :) Clearly it was not long enough though because she has been a bear all afternoon and is now in bed asleep before 7:30. Hopefully she's not coming down with anything. ( see my earlier knock on wood comment)

I hope everybody had a great weekend!! There are more updates and pictures to add, but those will have to wait. Eric just brought me home ice cream :)

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