Sunday, February 27, 2011


I apologize for my blog neglect again, but I feel I may have a good reason. (or two) Here are some of the updates from The Updes.

1. Amelia has been on a month long bender of illness. Since the beginning of February we have had 2 ear infections, a cold, something similar to strep throat, two separate diaper rashes, a stomach virus and 2 antibiotics. This weekend has not been a great one here at the Updegraffs, but tonight seemed to be better. I got her to eat some crackers and drink pedialyte. It was a great improvement from puking in our bed Friday night.

2. Eric has a trial coming up next week so he's been working like crazy to get ready. We are hoping this week goes as quickly as humanly possible.

3. Eric will be 32 on Tuesday! He's an old man :) He still can't decide what he wants for his birthday though so until he gives me an idea he will probably get nothing.

4. Amelia has been at Kara's all month since Brent and Maria had baby Ellen. She has been having a great time. So much fun in fact that she screams bloody murder every day when we go to pick her up. Makes me feel like an awesome mom, but I just tell myself it's because she's having such a fun time she doesn't want to leave.

5. And the biggest news for last..... Amelia is going to be a big sister in August! We're all pretty excited, though I think still trying to adjust to the idea of having two little people running our lives. Amelia of course has no idea what's about to happen, but I think she'll be ok once the baby is here. We'll have a lot of changes to come before then of course. New big girl bed/room for Amelia bug is on the agenda. I'm still trying to decide what kind of bed will be best for her. We have SO much cleaning and organizing to do before we're ready.... good thing we have some time.

I swear I have taken some pictures and I will post them soon. For now I'm going to try to get some sleep and hope that Amelia also sleeps the whole night tonight. This Mama is tired!

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  1. Congrats!!!! Two is definately a challenge that takes a bit to get used to, but I'm sure you'll do fine :) Hope you are feeling well.