Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Woah.... July Already?

Holy cow this summer is seriously flying by. I knew this would be the case since we have much to do to prepare for the arrival of baby Upde in August. I am starting a list of things that need to be done starting this weekend.... I know Eric is super excited about it :)

Amelia and I have been enjoying the summer together so far. She has gotten into a pretty good habit (most days) of sleeping in and I really appreciate it! Of course this also means she's up late and naps are kind of crazy some days, but it's SO nice to sleep in that I just can't fight it :) We've gone down to visit Eric a few times at his office which is also fun. Amelia sometimes gets a little crazy. She likes to sit at his desk and play on his computer- I think she only deleted something once. She also finds it necessary to yell at his coworkers who are on the phone.... what can I say? She knows how to be bossy..... she must get that from her Dad.

It's so fun to be home with her (most days) though. I have seen her learn so many things. Her vocabulary is just growing like crazy. Newest words are look, dog, Holly, Lindsey, Eli, cheese, hey- still favorites are NO, help please, up please, Mommy, Daddy where are you. She's a chatterbox and rarely stops talking. We've been loving the ear tubes so far..... it's been almost 2 months since an ear infection. I can't explain how wonderful that is.

I have been absolutely horrible about taking pictures this summer. It's one of my new goals. I'm afraid the new baby is going to end up with no pictures of him if I don't work on it! I do have some from our recent vacation to Colorado to visit Jon and Holly. We had a blast and were very impressed with how well Amelia did on a VERY long car ride. Thank goodness for G'ma Lynne's van with a DVD player in it. We successfully watched Toy Story probably 50 times, but managed to only have 1 major melt down in the car. I think that is pretty successful for over 18 hours of travel.

I hope everybody else is having a great summer- Happy 4th of July!

These pictures are not really in the correct order, but I think you'll get the idea.

Fish at the aquarium.

Eating ice cubes.... her favorite thing to do.

Splash Zone with Holly.

Checking out the sharks.

Amelia's new friends "uck" and "Dog" (Tucker and Lizzie)

Fireworks with Daddy.

Enjoying the swimming pool.

She got a face full of water.

So grown up.

More fish at the aquarium.

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