Monday, May 9, 2011

Updates from Happy Hollow

Things that have happened since our last post....

1. We spent most of April/early May in and out of the Dr. office with more ear infections. Finally it was decided that a consult with the ENT was needed so off we went. It took the ENT Doctor about 5 seconds to tell us that Amelia should have tubes put in. He also recommended that they scrape her adnoids at the same time. So, Thursday morning we'll be at Blank Children's for surgery. They tell us it's about a 20 minute procedure and then a short recovery time and we go home the same day. We were thinking back on our medical history with Amelia and thinking..... this seems too easy! Hopefully all goes well and then we'll have a healthy girl after that..... and it would be a bonus if she started sleeping through the night again too!

2. We spent this past weekend celebrating Eric's brother Brian and his new wife E.B.! The wedding was beautiful and they got SO lucky with the weather. The ceremony was outdoors so I spent most of it chasing around Amelia. I hear it was really nice though :) She and I spent most of the ceremony sitting underneath a tree while she dug in the dirt. We could hear the parts that were on the microphone though!

3. Amelia has started to say all kinds of new words. Her favorites are still the names of her friends at daycare. She has recently learned Lorelei and can kind of say Claire. They also started the game of yelling "Daddy. Where are you?" It is too cute.

4. I got to go to Las Vegas for a long weekend with some college friends for a bachelorette party for my friend Becky. It was so much fun- even pregnant. If you're ever in Vegas (and you're a girl) you should with out a doubt check out The Thunder from Down Under! So worth it! I must say though that I probably won't ever do Vegas pregnant again :) But for Becky I'd do anything!

5.We're still working on boys names. Seems like the first question asked after they find out we're having a boy is "what is his name?" I think we MAY have it narrowed down, but we'll see. It's hard to believe that we're already at 23 weeks. It is flying by that is for sure.

Eric giving his best man speech.
Amelia's boyfriend Asher.
This was her favorite dance move. The knee bend.
Eric chasing Amelia around before the ceremony.
Crazy lady.
Before the rehearsal dinner.
Becky and Holly at the Venetian

Holly and I at the Venetian

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