Monday, April 18, 2011

Vocabulary, etc

I forgot to add Amelia's new favorite words/phrases...

Mommy- she used to call me Mama but somewhere along the way she changed it to Mommy.
She has learned some of her daycare friends names too- Jilly, Baby Ellen and of course Maria :) She doesn't really attempt Claire and Lorelei yet, but she knows who they are.
Other favorites are Oh no. Where it go. Zoom- she does this when Eric pushes her on her little car. I also think she started to figure out please and thank you but doesn't say them that often.

At her doctor apt last week she weighed about 26 pounds so she's a growing girl! We went through all her clothes and took out things that will work for baby boy- surprisingly we had almost an entire container! We do however have a LOT of clothes that we are going to sell and pass along to other people. She's definitely going to need some things for summer though.

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