Thursday, August 4, 2011

Balloon Fest

This week Lindsey, Amelia and I headed over to Indianola to check out the balloon festival there. We met up with Jack, Jenn and Finnley. I had never been before and it was a lot of fun to check out. I wished that more of the balloons were up in the air so we could see them, but it was pretty cool either way. Amelia spent most of the first hour running away from me and Lindsey but after awhile decided she could hang out with the rest of us and still have a pretty decent time. She and Finnley sort of ignored each other unless Finnley was trying to pick up Amelia's shoes in which case Amelia freaked out and got her shoes back. She didn't want to wear them, but she didn't want anybody else to have them either. She did however help Finnley pick up her sippy cup. All and all it was a good time made even better by beautiful weather! Hopefully this heat streak is cooling off now. I know this pregnant lady could use a little cool down!

Speaking of pregnant I am now officially 36 weeks..... full term. 3 weeks or less and the little man will be here. I am SO ready and so not ready all at the same time. I feel like I have been pregnant forever. It doesn't take long these days before I'm completely exhausted especially if I'm chasing Amelia around. She gets to start back to daycare next week! I know she's going to be glad to be back to seeing her friends every day. I'm going to be at volleyball practice every morning and hopefully getting some work done on my classroom in the afternoon.

Eric has been really busy at work which is tough for Amelia and I some days. I know by the time he gets home at night I'm exhausted and Amelia is tired of playing with just me. Poor Eric doesn't get much of a break before Amelia is dragging him all over our house to play.

We pretty much have the baby's room finished. A few last details to add and we'll be done. I'll post pics when we get the curtains up! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Right now it's Amelia's favorite place to play...... that will have to change when the baby gets here. I'm not sure she understands that yet, but it will be a lesson she'll have to learn for sure.

Here are a few pics from the balloon fest. Enjoy!

They are in reverse order and I don't know why, but you get the idea :)

Night light up

Not a Simpson fan by any stretch, but these were pretty cool

Checking out the balloons

One of her few moments actually seated :)

Finnley's favorite look to give Lindsey :)

The Hyde Family :)
Eric was at an ICubs game so there is no Updegraff picture. I should have taken one with Lindsey though!

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