Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pictures Galore

I finally uploaded all the pictures from my phone to my computer so I thought I'd share some of them since I have no baby news to update on...... Still pregnant and doesn't seem like he's going to be in any hurry..... well he has 2 weeks left to be comfy in there and then he gets to come out and meet his crazy crazy sister ;)

Eli and Amelia cuddling on the couch one morning.

Blurry picture, but shew was wearing G'ma Lynne's gardening hat.

I tried to get her to help me clean one day..... this is what she did instead. She was very similar to Eric here.

I was looking through baby stuff and found this paci..... Amelia just had to have it.

Amelia and Daddy watching Star Wars videos. One of her favorite things to do.

Every girl needs a good light saber and comfy pj's!

Reading with Daddy

BUSTED! This is from May, but still made me laugh.

Visiting Daddy at work last week. First time with pigtails!

Light saber wars in the basement.

Watching Toy Story in the laundry basket.... why not really?

Don't mind the pregnant belly.... this is A the other night when she woke up in the night. So sleepy yet she just couldn't sleep.

New favorite place to play- baby crib. She likes these Star Wars figures- she calls them guys and loves playing with them!

She has become a major Daddy's girl. She can't wait for him to get home at night and as soon as he walks in the door she wants to play.

The new thing to do is to take the cushions off the couch and cover up with them :)

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