Friday, August 12, 2011

No Baby News Yet...

37 week apt and no real news. She told me that it looks like we're going to have a "good sized baby". I have no idea what this means really as she didn't give me any idea of weight or anything. It really doesn't matter to me since I know I'm going to be having a csection :) Based on the boys in both of our families it does not surprise me at all that he might be big. Up until now though they have told me he's right on track for where he's supposed to be, so who knows really.

2 weeks from today he will make his appearance.... unless he wants to come earlier and in fact that would be ok with me :) I'm pretty ready to be not pregnant!

Amelia is back into the daycare routine and she's loving it. She has missed her friends all summer and is just so happy when I pick her up. It is so great to know that she loves her daycare and they love her too. Definitely makes dropping her off in the morning (which Eric does :) much easier!

Her new favorite words are cookie, Dora, Zoomie and she has learned many other characters from her shows on Nick Jr. She might watch a little too much tv some days..... hopefully that will change more when I'm not pregnant and exhausted. We did get outside for awhile this week with the weather so nice. She likes to sit in the front yard and wave at cars as they drive by. Cracks me up.

Hope everybody has a great weekend! Maybe we'll have baby news to report on Monday..... cross your fingers for me!

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