Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boys are less dramatic, right?

I am holding on to the hope that boys will be less dramatic to raise than girls.... I'd just prefer if nobody popped that bubble for me yet :)

As I'm sure many of you know by now we did have a drama filled weekend with Amelia. I think it is always something with this child! I'll give you all the abbreviated version here:

Saturday morning Amelia woke up early (for her) at like 6:30. Eric went and got her and brought her back to our room and I noticed that she was pretty warm. We didn't take her temp but just gave her some motrin. She just laid in bed for awhile and fell back asleep- which is actually odd for her. I had to go to the Dr. that morning so I left Eric and Amelia sleeping in bed. After my apt I went out and met my sisters for pedicures and lunch at the mall. I got Eric some lunch to go and made me way home. When I turned on our street I saw a police car and EMT vehicle outside of our house. For some reason in my head I had convinced myself that they were at our neighbors so I just slowly parked and got the bags out of the car. Only then do I realize that the EMT is walking into my house. What? He tells me that she had a seizure. Again, what? I came in to find her on Eric's lap hysterical. He was giving her some oxygen. Well we earned ourselves a trip down to the E.R. at Mercy. I had never ridden in an ambulance so I suppose I can cross that off my list now :)

After hours in the E.R. and blood work, tests, etc Amelia was diagnosed with a febrile seizure. Basically her temperature went up too quickly for her body to handle it and she had a seizure. They told us that these types of seizures are actually way more common than people realize and there is nothing really harmful about them. Obviously, really scary for both her and us, but she checked out just fine. She was really crabby and tired and hungry, but it was good to know that everything was OK.

She has been working on kicking the virus since Saturday and is just now today feeling more like herself I think. She spent a few nights in bed with us and let me say a king size bed gets really small REALLY fast with Eric, Amelia sleeping side ways and me extremely pregnant! Last night she came in and laid with us for a few hours and then I got her back in her bed where she stayed until almost 9:00 this morning. She has been in MUCH better spirits today so I am hoping that she's finally feeling like herself again. We need a healthy child before we bring another one into the world!

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  1. Oh my goodness! How scary! So glad she's ok! Let's hope that's the last ambulance ride! Praying she feels better soon! And can't wait to hear the good news of baby boy! :)