Thursday, September 22, 2011

Catching Up With pictures

Here you all go.... pictures from the last month or so :) Completely out of order and random but hopefully you can see what we are up to! Enjoy!!

First Bears game of the season. Daddy filling Amelia in on the game plan.

Birthday skirt from Uncle Kelly and Aunt Jennifer.

This is how diaper changes go these days... you have to wrangle and then hold her down. Fun times had by all.

Such a great help with bath time.

This is pretty much our life these days.... two kids one is almost always crying :)

In Amelia's world the baby must always have a paci!

Daddy and Grayson in the hospital.

Eric right before my c-section. Notice the gun show :)

The night before delivery.

Watching T.V. with Daddy.

This is Amelia in the hospital the day she had her seizure. Rough day.

Looking at cars with Daddy.

One day when Amelia came home from camping with the Hoodjers in Greene. So tired!

Reading up on ESPN

This is the night after we were in the E.R. for Amelia's seizure. Big change from the earlier picture!

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