Monday, October 24, 2011

Hi Ho Hi Ho

It's off to work I go. My first day back in the classroom was today and man am I tired. I always forget how much standing there is during the teaching day! The kids were good and I'm excited to be back! I did miss my kiddos though. Grayson was all smiles when I got him dressed this morning and seemed pretty happy tonight too. Sounds like he had a good day and Amelia did too. She's got a little cold that seems to bother her in the morning more than at night.

Speaking of night little Miss Amelia Bug has been sleeping in her big girl bed for about a week now! She's done such a great job and we're so proud of her. I wish I had known three weeks ago that all she wanted was a toddler bed! I would have given it to her in a heartbeat! Last night was the first night that she got out of bed and walked around in her room. I saw her on the monitor so I went to her door and when she heard me open it all I heard was the scurry of little feet and her jumping back in bed. Cracked me up.

This weekend we went to Mandy Smith's open house for her photography business. We got a few really cute pictures of the kids. We also tried to take some family pictures the week before and Amelia wouldn't cooperate at all. She managed to get a few cute ones of Grayson though so we'll just go with that for now and hope Amelia cooperates next time :)

All in all I think we are starting to figure out this life with 2 kids thing.... some days anyway. I can't believe we are already 2 months into life with Grayson! Who remembers what we did before him??

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