Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I think we're on replay here...

In case you haven't heard we of course had more drama in the Amelia department this weekend. I already blogged about Saturday with the seizure and fevers. Well fast forward to Saturday night and you would find Amelia having a pretty hard time of it. She made it a whole 20 minutes asleep in her bed before she woke up crying. She spent the rest of the night in our bed between crying and a very light sleep. After she threw up everywhere I called Lindsey to come take care of Grayson for me and I'm glad I did because about 6:30 I just couldn't take it anymore and we headed into the E.R. After a long time waiting around, a breathing treatment and a chest x-ray it was decided that Amelia had pneumonia caused by RSV and we earned a trip to the Peds floor. We ended up staying overnight..... it was a long night but we got to come home the next day. She improved a lot in just a short time. I stayed home with her on Tuesday and today and G'ma Lynne is staying with her tomorrow. Yesterday I ended up taking Grayson in because he was running a low grade temp. Good news there is that he checked out a-ok. At this point I am so ready for something to return to normal. It has been an insanely long couple of days when you add in to the fact that Grayson only napped for two 20 minute periods today. It's 8:02 and I am seriously considering brushing my teeth and going to bed. I officially give up..... or I need to crack open my latest Amazon purchase on the kindle: Solving Your Child's Sleep Problems. 20 minutes does not make a nap!

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