Saturday, February 18, 2012


I sometimes wonder if when I became pregnant with Amelia I was somehow slipped a new gene. A gene that would make me worry about my children all the time. I mean I'm not a hovering parent and I try to let them do their own thing and make their own mistakes whenever possible but I swear I am forever worrying about something. I made the mistake of mentioning the other day that my kids had been healthy recently. Yep go ahead and say what you're thinking out loud. I know. Can you mention jinx? Fast forward two weeks and you will have seen both kids on an antibiotic and then Amelia starting another one today after a wild morning and another seizure. Go figure. Of course now I'll be awake a good part of the night worried about her because she is in fact still running a temp. Argh. I'm going to go ahead and guess that the worrying thing never gets much better either. I guess it's part of the package deal when it comes to kids but honestly I could leave that part of the package at the door if possible.

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