Wednesday, February 15, 2012


How come I feel more tired after a night where I'm only up once with Grayson than I do on a night where I'm up 5+ times. Maybe it's my body's way of keeping me sane. I don't know. I'm completely exhausted tonight though. Eric and Amelia are downstairs playing some game and I can barely keep my eyes open at 8:30. I may have to go to bed before Amelia..... I'm not sure I'll make it until her usual 9:30.

Other than being exhausted we are all pretty good. Both kids are just getting done with antibiotics so I'm hoping they stay healthy for awhile! I'm glad I took them in when I did though. I can see a major improvement in both of them! And good news is Amelia's tubes are both still in tact :) Those little puppies are expensive so they need to stay put where they are! Hope you all had a lovely Vday yesterday..... and I sincerely hope it's more exciting than ours :)

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