Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh. It is isn't it?

Valentines Day that is. This is honestly the Valentines Day that wasn't around here. Yes, Eric did send me flowers to school with his trademark funny card that always makes me laugh, but honestly other than that it has been a regular old day around here. Well I guess you can also add that my kids at school brought in sugar and treats and gave me temporary tattoos in Valentines so technically I did celebrate. To be honest I didn't even remember what day it was when I got dressed and I wore black today.... I usually try to wear at least some pink or red, but failed to get into the spirit this year I guess. Instead we celebrate while Eric watches a tv show on the kindle and I blog and catch up on Pinterest all with the background music of Yo Gabba Gabba that is still playing long after Amelia has gone to bed. (oh strike that from the record I hear her rumbling around in there still. Something about needing a drink or snack- her usual tricks to get out of bed) I kind of like this type of celebration though. Just us. Real life with two small children who apparently don't feel the need to give their mother a full nights rest any time soon.....

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