Monday, March 19, 2012


Amelia's new favorite thing is to ask me a question from the other room then wait for my answer. Whether she can hear me or not she immediately yells "What" really loudly. Then she follows with another what when I answer again. Then I usually come into the room she's in to answer and she just continues to yell "What?" Seriously. This girl will be the death of me I'm just sure of it.

Speaking of Amelia.... she was an absolute turkey (to put it nicely) during G's baptism this past weekend. She basically screamed the entire service and then threw an epic fit during the actual baptism. I'm sure entertaining for the entire congregation to watch. Finally Justin took her from Eric so he could see the end of the baptism. Yea, she was at her best. She did yell at the stain glass window "Hi Jesus. Mommy say hi to Jesus" Actually pretty funny.

We had a great weekend with friends and family though. I got to hang out with my college friends all weekend which we haven't gotten to do in ages. Eric took care of the kids with my mom's help so I could stay in Waverly at a hotel with Becky and Holly. We had a blast, but you can tell we've grown up. Instead of really celebrating St. Pat's day we went to DQ and were in bed at the hotel by 10 :) It was great though. We're really lucky to have such great friends and family and feel so blessed.

Grayson is moving everywhere and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before he figures out how to crawl. We need to re-baby proof our house I think. We're also going to be working on potty training this week while I'm on spring break. We tried today but she was feeling the greatest and I just thought it wasn't the best time to start. So we'll give it a shot tomorrow..... say a prayer for us all please :)

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