Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Random Random

I finally uploaded pics from my phone to computer today. Poor Grayson. I hope he doesn't realize someday that all his pictures are from my phone...... I've been absolutely horrible about getting pictures and I have an awesome camera. Argh. Lindsey has the ones from his baptism so I'll get those from her soon and put them up for all to see. In the mean time I have some Updegraff cuteness (no not you, Eric :) to hold you over. They are in no particular order and pretty much exclusively from my phone!

Amelia chatting with Grayson today.

She wanted to wear my headband.

And she wanted Grayson to wear it too.

Darth Vader helmet and Rapunzel dress.... this is the definition of my child.

I picture her on the volleyball court in a few years.

Of course she picks out Star Wars underwear.

Pretty much how they've been dressed lately..... diapers only!

Almost crawling. Watch out Amelia!

Constantly wearing her birthday hat, which she refused to wear at her party.

Dancing with Daddy during Dancing With the Stars.

My happy girl.

Buddy's first light saber experience.

In the hospital with the flu.

Eric's birthday cake we made...... or bought :)

Grayson had a horrible outbreak of eczema- luckily we got it under control with medicated lotion.

Easter hat from G'ma Lynne

Favorite place to watch tv- at the end of our bed.

When they were both sick with RSV

Tinkerbell.... she got after her hospital stay.

Love that tummy

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