Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One Month

I've been absentee blogger for a month now..... well cripes. But it's 9:50 and both of my children have decided that sleep is optional for everybody as of late so this is going to be short and sweet and to the point. (if there ever is one I guess)

1. Amelia has gone on the potty twice. She also peed on the floor and couch probably 5 times tonight. So a work in progress would be putting it kindly I think.

2. Grayson has figured out "crawling". I say this because he can get wherever he wants to go, but it's definitely not crawling by any conventional sense of the word. Sort of a combo army crawl and bridge mixed together. Very interesting to watch. He loves being mobile, Amelia seems a little unsure I think.

3. G also has two little front teeth. Hopefully that is what caused his insane fussiness in the past few weeks. He got them all the way through sometime last week and he has kind of slept a little better- comparatively speaking of course.

4. Amelia has been on a major trend of spending most of the night in our bed. Pretty sure it's nightmares, but she's still too young to really let us know what's going on so for now she sleeps in the middle (ie: mostly on my side) and we all try to get as much sleep as we can in between Grayson waking us up a few times a night. I'm praying that we will all sleep again someday..... like when they are teenagers I think :)

5. Eric and I are busy and tired and have colds. That is about the most interesting thing I can come up with besides the fact that I convinced him to read all the Hunger Games books :)

I've tried three times to upload the kids' Easter pictures including some super cute ones of Grayson in his Grandpa Bennie hat, but it seems that blogger just doesn't want me to get that done so you'll have to wait until another day...... I'm sure the suspense is killing you!

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