Saturday, April 28, 2012

5 Question Friday

I saw this on another blog I sometimes read and I thought it looked fun.... so here goes :)

Five Question Friday

1. Do you make your kids finish all the food on their plates? Uh.  No.  We're lucky if Amelia eats ANYTHING on her plate.  We really aren't strict about the food thing.  It's a battle I'm really not interested in fighting every night and I think she probably knows when she's hungry or not.  We do let her snack a lot and I'm sure that's part of why she doesn't eat meals very well.  We don't let her have any sweets though- unless she does actually eat her dinner :)  She loves pretzels and peanut butter sandwiches so I figure those are pretty decent snacks/meals. 

2. Do you give an allowance? No.  She calls money paper :)  We probably will someday though.  When she starts to understand what money is and how to save it.

3. Do you actually park your car in the garage?  I wish.  We used to.  Back in the day when it wasn't full of CRAP.  Good thing next weekend is clean up days b/c we will be taking lots of stuff to the curb :)

4. What is one food you will NEVER cook?  Peas or pork n' beans.  I hate both.

5. Do you have anything exciting planned for the summer?Vacation to the Ozarks in June with the Burns family.  We're really excited and I think it will be fun!  Other than that I'm going to work at school getting ready for next year and work on getting my masters classes started :)  I have a feeling I'm going to be busy!!

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