Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I may need professional help...

This summer has turned into a crazy, crazy time.  I am starting my masters in June.  Working at school at least 2 days a week.  Amelia is going to "daycamp" on Tuesday mornings.  I just applied and probably will have at least a few hours a week at Maurices (where I hope to not spend my entire paycheck).  Amelia needs to be potty trained.  Grayson has started to pull up on furniture and I know he will be walking in not time.  Volleyball starts in early August w/a few camps in July as well.  This along with all the usual summer mayhem sort of has my head spinning.  Oddly enough I don't really feel too nervous about it though.  I have daycare figured out for both when I'm in P'Ville and when I'd be working in Des Moines.  I'm anxious to get my masters classes started and slightly worried about how it will all fit together when I go back to work and start volleyball.  Did I mention that I'm moving back to 3rd grade officially next year?  So that means I'll also be changing classrooms this spring :)  Now that I read it all it's starting to look overwhelming so I'm going to stop reading and hope that you all say a little prayer that my children start to sleep at some point in their lives.  Seriously.

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