Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Did I happen to mention

That Grayson was over 26 pounds when I took him to the Dr last week to check on his ears?  They also had to give him his shots since we didn't get that done at six months because of the plague that struck our house around then.  They also measured him b/c of his shots and he was over 30" tall.  Here are some random pictures to enjoy...
Grayson- 8 months.
Amelia shopping w/me at Target- she loved this hat :)

 Our new favorite thing to do- SHOP :)  Eric is so excited.
 This was Eric and Amelia one morning.
 Grayson loved the swings :)
 After picture of the hair cut.
 Getting a hair cut.

 Nothin' but a G thang.
Sassy pants at the park.

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