Thursday, May 17, 2012

My children are asleep...

but I am still awake.  I have no idea why though.  Probably because by the time I get both of them to bed I just need 5 minutes to do nothing and the internet seems to be a time sucking device where 5 minutes turns into 30.  BUT I have found some rockin' things on pinterest so I don't feel too badly about it :)

Our neighbors were putting together Amelia's swing set when I got home from work today.  We have really good neighbors.  We don't really know most of the people, but these neighbors have lived here since Eric was little.  Sometimes I wish the kids had people their age to play with, but then others I'm glad that they get spoiled by the neighbors as well. 

I keep thinking that we might be in a place to move next spring, but Eric tells me more like 3 springs from now.  Bogus.  Oh well.  I think my plan is to take Amelia w/me to preschool- not next year, but the year after.  She can go for 2 years and then probably just keep her there to go to kindergarten and open enroll.  I'm torn.  Norwalk is a good school, but 9 sections of a class seems like so much...... but this is coming from the girl who had 30 total in her graduating class.  I may need to change my way of thinking just a tad.

Eric took G to the dr today.... the child weighed over 28 pounds.  He was only 26 something 2 weeks ago when he got his shots!  Honestly.  The child is going to eat us out of house and home someday or he'll be eating all those meals Amelia doesn't finish :)

Next week is the last week of school.  Can I get an Amen?  For serious.  Stress levels are running at an all time high these days.  Coupled with little sleep I feel like a ticking time bomb most days.  Speaking of which I should go to bed now huh?

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