Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Just Tuesday Huh?

Some good quotes these days...

"Daddy.  Are you stupid?"

"Mommy.  Did you know that Daddy is in court today?"

"Dad.  I know you can fix the broken potty.  You're great at fixing things."

"Shake your booty"  (this happened to be in the middle of the sermon this past Sunday... Nice)

"Eli is my best friend."

"I think Dad can fix Eli's game, but not Justin.  He not know how to fix games.  Sorry."

And when she says sorry her voices gets higher at the end.  Kind of sing-song like.  It makes me laugh. 

She also owes me $201.00 because she flushed almost an entire package of baby wipes down the toilet which clogged our drain.  The previous total is from the plumber.  The cost of new carpet is going to come out of her college fund.

I'm exhausted.  We went to watch the Super Bowl in Gilman and had a blast.  When we were leaving I could hear Grayson coughing.  By the time we got home he was full-on seal barking.  The croup cough made it's return.  It was a very rough night.  He and I were standing on the steps outside at 2 am.  The cold air did help a bit though.  I took him in on Monday and he was treated w/steroids for croup.  His cough improved a lot. 

Fast forward to today and I get a call that he has a temp of over 100.  Luckily we've been able to control his temp with meds so far....

oh yeah in my blogging hiatus you missed several episodes of Grayson seizures.  Awesome. (sarcasm should be detected there)  we did however get an EEG done to show his brain activity and that was normal.  So we can be almost 100% sure that the seizures are febrile in nature and will eventually stop.... that day can't come soon enough honestly.  But I digress

Currently he's sleeping in bed with me while I finish up my homework for grad school.  His cough sounds horrible.  Luckily one of Aunt Lindsey's friends is going to come check on his lungs and let me know how he sounds.  I'm kind of nervous it's turning into Pnemonia.  We'll see.  We just may end up heading back to the Dr tomorrow.  We may as well live there.

Oh yea.  And there was sewer water and sewage in our basement.  Sick sick sick.  New carpet is on the horizon.  Luckily our furniture is fine and the basement is pretty small so it should be relatively inexpensive to do.

Did I mention how last night we stayed at Eric's mom and dad's b/c of the sewer in our basement and Grayson literally was still awake at 2 am.  Honestly.  Just hanging out.  I'm exhausted.  Luckily I'll be home tomorrow with Grayson and I'm just sure he's planning on me taking a nap too. Right??

A girl can have big dreams can't I??  Until the next time faithful readers.....

And a reminder for the day.  Baby wipes will cause a clog in your drain that may or may not be more than 100 feet from your house.  Sweet right? 

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