Sunday, March 24, 2013


Well here I am again.  The lazy blogger.  I actually have some good excuses, but I bet you don't want to hear those.  I will share a few things with all of your faithful readers when I have more time to write.  For now you'll have to settle with my random thoughts.

I've been addicted to March Madness this year more than ever before.  I think I've seen every game at least in part.  Florida Gulf Coast is my new favorite, but I'm also rooting for Illinois, Creighton, and Wichita State.  Obviously the ISU loss to Ohio State today sucked.  Big time.  My bracket of course has been busted since the first day, but I do have my champion left- Louisville.  I hope Kansas loses.  Soon.

Amelia is cracking me up with all her new sayings and her imagination.  She's not cracking me up with her refusal to go to bed these days.  It drives me insane.  I'm really hoping and praying that when we get into a routine for preschool next year she'll be better.  She's certainly going to have to get up earlier.  I'm still not sure how we're going to handle that.  She's also now refusing to wear any pants except sweat pants.  No jeans.  No leggings.  I'm going to have to stock up on dresses and skirts for the summer I think.

Speaking of summer I think it's never really going to come.  Or it's going to go right from winter to summer with no spring in between.

I had a list of several things to get done over spring break and I think I accomplished like 2 of those things.  I just have no energy or motivation these days.  I need to get the kids to daycare for a few days with me at home.  I'm always amazed at what I can get done in a house by myself for 8 hours.

Grayson had an ear infection this week.  I'm hoping it's cleared up.  He certainly had some major sleeping issues that were not cool.  At all.  He's learning a lot of new words and his favorite phrases are oh man, woah, Mickey Mouw (mouse), No, and my favorite is when he says Thank you.  Too cute.  He's getting to be such a big boy and all grown up. 

I will update you on some important changes for the Updes in the very near future.  For now though I must go to sleep.  I am honestly hoping and praying for a snow day tomorrow.  I could get so many things done that I couldn't manage to do while home for a week.  I need help.....

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