Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sick Again...

Amelia has come down with another cold in the past few days. I thought we would be able to avoid the dr. but Kara called today and said her breathing was getting worse as the day wore on. So we headed in this afternoon. We started a nebulizer treatment with the same medicine that we used last time. Hopefully she reacts to it as well as she did before. We saw Dr. Miller today and she told me that Amelia will probably be at an increased risk for asthma because of the way she wheezes when she gets sick. We're hoping she grows out of it! She also has some skin problems these days which could be an allergy- we'll have to wait and see. I'm ready for some summer weather that's for sure!!!

This is Eric "playing" with Amelia one day. He would hold the burp cloth and she would swing into it. Funny thing is she was laughing at him the whole time.
Working on sitting up. As you can see she puts everything in her mouth. Her favorite are our fingers!! Still no rolling.... I'm beginning to think she'll crawl first!
Amelia and mommy after her bath the other night. Doesn't show it very well but this was after I got my hair cut and colored. I decided to go brown :)

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