Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break!

Well it's finally spring break and I am very excited!! Amelia has returned from her week long "vacation" at Aunt Mandy and Uncle Justin's. She seemed to have a blast- I'm not so sure about Eli though :) Actually by the end of the week he was helping her find things to play with and wanting to share all his food with her. It was hard to explain that she wasn't quite ready for string cheese yet but some day you can share it with her! It was such a life saver for us to have Mandy and Justin take Amelia for us while Kara was gone. Actually Justin's sister Stacy watched her during the day so thanks to her too!

In other news Eric and Brian went to a Bulls/Cavs game last night in Chicago. I talked to him once and they were almost home. Hopefully they had a good time. Amelia had her 5 month "birthday" yesterday. It's crazy how fast this was snuck up on me. Probably with everything else going on it slipped my mind. So of course I haven't gotten the "picture" taken yet. Stay tuned. Last Sunday when we were dropping off Amelia at Mandy's I ended up getting really sick. Must have been a short 24 hour flu bug because I felt much better by Monday night. Eric got sick Monday too but was able to make it back into work on Tuesday as well. So needless to say my plans of getting a lot done while Amelia was gone were not very successful. I'm hoping that next week I will get lots done when she is at Kara's. I also have a lot of planning to do to get ready for the final push of the school year. It's going to be crazy that's for sure!

That's all I have for now- I'll be sure to update again soon!

Trying on her dress for Kelly and Jennifer's wedding in May. It was just a little too big so hopefully she'll grow the rest of the way into it!
This is my Luther baby.... puke and rally!
Happy Easter!
Eli making Amelia feel welcome at his house! He loved giving her kisses and giving her the bottle. He did not however enjoy sharing his mommy. I'm guessing he is glad to have her all to himself again! Thanks Burns trio- we really appreciate it!

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  1. Preston has that Luther onesie too! It is getting a little too small for him though. I am sure she will have many more Luther garb. Cute pics!