Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's a.....

BOY......I'm sure most of you have heard the news by now, but it wouldn't feel official unless I posted in on the blog :) We were honestly shocked and surprised because Eric and I had become completely convinced that it was for sure a girl. So, we'll be moving into unchartered territory in the Updegraff household. I'm sure we'll be able to handle it though!

Today Amelia and I went through all her clothes bins that we have been saving up and took out any clothes that could work for a boy. Surprisingly enough we ended up with an entire container of clothes for baby boy! Who knew? I thought there would only be pink in there for sure! I kept a few of her outfits that I really liked and stored them away. The rest I'm hoping to sell. We definitely don't have the room for all of it that's for sure! The rest of the day has been spent napping (for Daddy and Amelia) and cleaning for me. Why do I see a trend here? To Eric's credit he did actually help a lot when he woke up :) Brownie points for him!

We've decided to leave Amelia in her room that she's in now and make the spare bedroom up for the baby. This has turned into an even better decision now that we know it's a boy. Amelia's room is BRIGHT pink and probably not very boyish. We'll need to figure out what color to paint the baby's room and then find a crib/dresser that we like. We're going to let Amelia keep her crib too and then just transition it to a toddler bed when she's ready. Which might be before the baby comes, but it might be after. We're planning on getting convertible cribs for both kids and then we'll already have toddler/day bed when they need them! They convert to a double bed if we want to do that as well later on.

Amelia's 18 month pictures. She was being a turkey, but Mandy Smith was able to get some cute ones as always. She's awesome!

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