Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's ladies night...

Good times last night for mommy! I got to go downtown and celebrate Amanda's 30th birthday with a bunch of her friends. It was fun to get out to eat at a place that doesn't have a drive through. It's nice to enjoy a meal without sharing food with a toddler all the while feeding Grayson a bottle. It's funny how the conversation goes from remembering party times to discussing our child's illnesses. It makes me realize how far we have all come in such a short (or maybe long) time!

Things have been pretty good at the Updegraff household these days. Still battling some colds, runny noses, coughing but overall pretty healthy. Grayson had to go to the dr this week because he somehow got an infection on his face. Amelia had the same thing when she was his age too so I knew exactly what it was but still had to go to the clinic and get it looked at before he could get antibiotics. It seems to be clearing up pretty well so that's good to see.

Other than that we are grieving the loss of Jay Cutler for what looks like the season..... Eric is handling it better than I thought he would :)

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