Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ramblin Bits

Ok all you Greene peeps- you remember that is the name of our school newspaper- right? The one with the column Dear Cliff and Claire. As in the Cosby show. I loved that paper. I overheard at an inservice the other day that high school newspaper are going paperless and they just email the copies to students. I'm guessing that saves a lot of paper but I would have missed my copy of Ramblin Bits...

Anyway on to the ramblings from me on this rainy cold Saturday night....

Grayson has been on a good streak the past few nights sleep wise. Thursday he went to bed at 8 and slept until 5 then had a bottle and slept until I was getting ready to leave for school around 6:45. Last night he went to bed at 10 when we got home from our friends house and didn't get up until 6 then I gave him a bottle and he slept until 8:30! Yee-haw! A girl could get used to that indeed! He's so close to rolling over- I keep thinking it's going to be any day now. I'm not sure if I'm ready for this milestone- I keep thinking that when he starts moving he's just going to keep going and be walking before we know it! On a side note we were at the dr this week and he weight 18 pounds 5 ounces. Our infant seat goes up to 22 pounds..... I think we'll probably be switching him out soon!

Amelia has been doing great after she recovered from the drama last week. She's been sleeping much better although still coughing a lot. Her vocabulary has just taken off in the last few weeks. It's crazy how many things she says and knows how to say. My favorite is the random "love you mommy." So cute. Her favorite new thing is Team Umizoomi..... I think we've seen the episodes about 100 times so far :)

Eric and I have just been hanging in there for the most part. Things were pretty stressful with Amelia sick and then the hospital visit and her constant meltdowns. It's been nice to recover this week. We went to our friends house last night and it was so nice- Amelia played with Eliza and Asher in the basement and we got to have some actual adult conversation.... amazing!

Other random thoughts by me:

I notice myself sometimes rocking Grayson longer than I need to. It's just so sweet when he's fast asleep cuddling with me. He's not really a big cuddler so when he's sleeping I have to get some extra snuggles!

Eris is now obsessed with the Star Wars video game that is coming out soon- I'm ready for it to get here so he can actually play it and not do research about how to play :)

Pinterest is my new favorite thing! There is every single category on there! I've even found tons of sites to use for school. I've also made a couple recipes from there- if you're not on it I recommend you get there ASAP. I'll send an invite if you need it!

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