Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ground Control to Major One

is there anybody out there??

Eric sings this song all the time.  I don't even know what it is.  BUT I did want to tell my loyal listeners that I am still here :)  Just a few brain cells less than the last time I posted.  I always forget how crazy the fall is for us until we are in the season of fall again!

The big news around here is that our Buddy is already a year old.  I can not believe it!  We had his birthday party with Quinn last week and it was a good time for everybody.  Lots of running around by the kids and adults alike.  He didn't want to eat his cake which doesn't surprise me.  The boy doesn't like sweets, which will play to his advantage some day I'm sure.

Amelia started dance last week.  She had such a good time.  Lindsey sent me picture updates since I had volleyball.  She just loved dancing around and playing.  And she really really loves her teacher- Miss Alice.  There are only 4 little girls in her class with Amelia being much younger than the other ones.  They are all almost 5 but Lindsey said they were all buddies by the time the class was over.  I'm so excited to be able to start taking her when volleyball is over.

Speaking of volleyball.  I keep getting the questions about how much longer I'm going to coach now that we have two kids.  And how I can manage it and why I do it.  Sometimes I wonder what I'm thinking too, but I just love coaching.  It's so much fun to work with the girls and see them grown and develop as players.  It does put a stress on our family and Eric does a lot to make it work for me.  We also have tons of help from our families.  I don't know.  Sometimes I think people are trying to make me feel guilty for spending that much time away from the kids.  I always wonder if it was Eric that was coaching and not me if people would even question it.  Anyway.  Random aside there.

Eric settled his trial that was supposed to be in Colorado so we are all super relieved about that!  Trials are so stressful for all of us and I'm always so happy when he comes home and tells me it was settled!  Other than that he's still super busy at work like always, but he has been able to come to 2 of my games already this season- which is more than the past two years combined!

Life is busy but really good and happy.  Minus Grayson's current ear infection and Amelia's 2 year old tantrums we are all feeling pretty happy on Happy Hollow ;)

I'll keep you posted on Amelia's flower girl debut coming up shortly in September.  Lord have mercy!

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